National Defense Authorization Act Addresses PFAS, Respects Scientific Process in Line with NACWA’s Position

Dec 12, 2019

December 12, 2019


National Defense Authorization Act Addresses PFAS, Respects Scientific Process in Line with NACWA’s Position

Final Language Supports Evidence-Based Regulations Backed by Scientific Analysis 

(Washington, DC) – The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) commends the House and Senate negotiators on reaching agreement on final National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) language which advances federal action on PFAS while respecting EPA’s scientific and regulatory processes. Importantly, the deal does not open America’s public clean water utilities to Superfund liability, which could have placed the cleanup burden on local communities and water customers rather than those who produced and profited from PFAS compounds. NACWA hopes the final NDAA will allow EPA’s efforts to assess and regulate PFAS, as outlined in its 2019 PFAS Action Plan, to advance expeditiously. 

“Public clean water agencies are on the front lines of protecting public health and the environment and rely on risk-based, scientifically sound policy,” says Adam Krantz, CEO of NACWA. “The final NDAA allows federal efforts by the Department of Defense, EPA and other agencies to address PFAS-related issues without bypassing the regulatory process. We look forward to continuing collaboration with all stakeholders, Congress and EPA to ensure PFAS risks are studied, understood and addressed appropriately.” 

The final bill aims to reduce the military’s PFAS exposure and mitigate health impacts at military bases, in addition to advancing scientifically sound detection and sampling by EPA and the United States Geological Survey.

NACWA thanks its member utilities and individuals who were very active in reaching out and informing their federal representatives about how PFAS impacts the public clean water sector. NACWA anticipates continuing its work with Congress to appropriately identify and address PFAS risks in the New Year.


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