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The National Environmental Achievement Awards recognizes individuals and NACWA member agencies that have made outstanding contributions to environmental protection and the clean water community. Awards are given annually; individuals and agency honorees are recognized at NACWA's Winter Conference. Federal Public Service honorees are recognized during Water Week.

Award Categories

Individual Awards

Distinguished Service Award
NACWA’s Distinguished Service Award is reserved for individuals formerly representing NACWA member agencies who, during their representation of their utility, maintained an active and distinguished role in the Association in addition to exemplifying a strong dedication to the clean water industry.

Environment Award
NACWA recognizes outstanding service and commitment to the environment with the Environmental Service Award.

Public Service Award
The NEAA Public Service Award is given to current or former elected or appointed public officials at the local, state and federal level of government who have demonstrated exemplary commitment and service to their community, the environment and to NACWA.

Utility Leadership Award
This award is presented to NACWA Member Agency general managers and executive directors (or equivalent positions), as well as department heads and exemplary utility staff members for outstanding environmental leadership and commitment within their utility and at the local, state, or national level.

Member Agency Awards

Community Leadership Award
The Awards Committee shall accept and consider Community Leadership Award nominations in two categories. Awards shall be considered for Member Agencies with service areas populations greater than 250,000; and separately for Member Agencies with service area populations less than 250,000. Association Member Agencies receiving NACWA’s Community Leadership Award are ineligible to reapply for the five years following their receipt of the award.

Operations & Environmental Performance Award
The Operations & Environmental Performance Award is presented to those member agencies for outstanding initiatives in wastewater treatment, wastewater conveyance, stormwater management, and/or environmental enhancement. The award recognizes an innovative and effective project, system or method relating to wastewater treatment plant or collection system operations developed and successfully implemented by an NACWA member in a cost-effective manner while achieving environmental compliance objectives.

Public Information & Education Award
The Public Information & Education Awards honor agencies for their inventive efforts to educate the public on the effects of waste water treatment and pollution control on the environment.  To qualify, the program, publication, video or e-media must have been produced by the agency staff or by an outside vendor at the express direction of the agency and must cover some aspect of the agency's operations.  Materials must have been produced for general use or distribution.

Public Service Member Agency Award
The Member Agency Public Service Award is given to member agencies for their significant local, state, or national voluntary public service related to public utility operation or environmental protection.  Projects for this award category must involve agency staff or commissioners with no added payment for public services rendered.

Research & Technology Award
The Research & Technology Award is given to member agencies for their contributions to the field of wastewater treatment or biosolids utilization and disposal.  A research project or technological innovation must directly relate to the processes of collection, treatment or reuse of wastewater or use or disposal of biosolids.  The Project must have been conducted in-house or by consultant under direction of the agency and the project’s results must have practical application.

Watershed Collaboration Award
This award is presented for an outstanding watershed-based collaborative management initiative or program focused on cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.

Workforce Development Award
This award is presented for an outstanding project or program which embodies effective, sustainable solutions that addresses the need for a qualified, diverse, and knowledgeable utility workforce.

For additional information on NACWA’s Awards Programs contact Brédy Trombino at 202.533.1820.
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