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Representing the Unified Clean Water Voice to News Media

NACWA has been the nation's recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal clean water advocacy for five decades. As a result, NACWA is a strong, active and robust voice in the ongoing public conversation about Clean Water, the nation's most vital natural resource, and a public affairs issue that is universally relevant and beyond partisanship.  The Association's news releases and media presence both project and amplify the unified voice of the country's shared clean water interest.

Media inquiries, please contact Nathan Gardner-Andrews.

Providing a Top Technical Resource for Clean Water Interests

NACWA is a top technical resource for water quality, water management, sustainability and ecosystem protection.  Its experts have served as a bridge between the environment, the public and policymakers for decades. The Association's wide array of legislative, regulatory and legal publications are designed to help clean water utility leaders innovate their operations, improve their service and enhance sustainability, while maintaining affordability for all ratepayers.  They are also designed to help clean water agencies and stakeholders throughout the water management chain to learn, grow and become active participants in building a sustainable clean water future.

Individual copies of all publications are provided to members free of charge, and can be purchased by interested parties.

Clean Water Current

The Clean Water Current is NACWA's flagship publication, providing exclusive advocacy information, news and updates from the nation's recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal clean water advocacy.

Annual Report

2018 year at a glance

Emerging Stronger:
Standing United to Ensure a More Resilient Future

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Clean Water Advocate

NACWA's bi-annual magazine helps members navigate the clean water landscape, highlighting crucial water issues, and providing fresh perspectives on topics that matter most for utilities. Future issues will be published regularly during NACWA’s summer and winter conferences, both in print copy (available on request) and electronic format (on NACWA’s website).

White Papers & Publications

Find the highest-value, in-depth analysis--with an emphasis on practical, real world applications--of the various legal, regulatory and legislative issues that directly impact the Clean Water sector. 

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