Staff Directory

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Washington, DC 20036


Chief Executive Officer
Adam Krantz
E-mail: Adam Krantz
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Chris Hornback 
E-mail: Chris Hornback
Chief Financial Officer
Meredith Ristic
E-Mail: Meredith Ristic
General Counsel & Chief Advocacy Officer
Nathan Gardner-Andrews
E-Mail: Nathan Gardner-Andrews


Chief Legal Counsel
Amanda Aspatore
E-Mail: Amanda Aspatore
Chief Information Officer
Gunnar Gehrmann
E-mail: Gunnar Gehrmann
Senior Director, Membership Development & Retention
Kelly Brocato
E-mail: Kelly Brocato
Senior Director, Human Resources & Administration
Sharon Powell
E-mail: Sharon Powell
Sr. Director, Meetings & Conferences
Tina Kenia
E-mail: Tina Kenia
Managing Director, Government Affairs
Kristina Surfus
E-mail: Kristina Surfus
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Cynthia Finley
E-Mail: Cynthia Finley
Director, Regulatory Affairs
Emily Remmel
E-mail: Emily Remmel
Director, Legislative Affairs
Jason Isakovic
E-mail: Jason Isakovic
Director, Marketing & Outreach
Kindra Hemphill
E-mail: Kindra Hemphill
Sr. Manager, Member Services
Sondra Frank
E-mail: Sondra Frank
Manager, Media & Communications
David Zielonka
E-mail: David Zielonka
Manager, Database
Robert Coneys, Jr.
E-mail: Robert Coneys, Jr.
Manager, Government Affairs
Toby Watkins
E-mail: Toby Watkins
Manager, Programs
Bredy Trombino
E-Mail: Bredy Trombino
Manager, Conferences
Ebony Scott
E-mail: Ebony Scott
Lead Graphic Designer
Sarah Bixby
E-mail: Sarah Bixby
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Shalina Baker
E-mail: Shalina Baker
Accounting Manager
Kristine Tillotson
E-mail: Kristine Tillotson
Membership Administrator
Jaime Braxton
E-mail: Jaime Braxton