Allow Lists for NACWA Online Services

last updated: Feb. 28, 2024

Due to the high volume of email generated from NACWA, some email service providers (ESPs) incorrectly identify it as spam. While we do everything possible to ensure strong deliverability rates, it is sometimes necessary that you add NACWA services to your "allow list" (this tells your ESP that we are approved senders and not spam). If you stopped receiving email from NACWA, this is the first and most critical step to take to ensure our email can be delivered to you. You should also check your spam/clutter/junk/quarantine and make any adjustments to your email preferences. Allow-list both domains and IP addresses for best results. Having your IT Department or ESP apply these at the server level is most comprehensive. 

Member communications, website logins, event registrations, etc

*.nacwa.org, send.nacwa.org, tracking.magnetmail.net, mail10.magnetmail.net, mail12.magnetmail.net, *.mmsend19.com, and IP addresses:



Connected Community - NACWA Engage™

*.ConnectedCommunity.org and IP addresses:



Board of Directors Portal (BoardEffect)

*.boardeffect.com (IP,,,

Webinar Platform (ZOOM)

*.zoom.us, *. mandrillapp.com  (IP, view live system status at https://status.zoom.us


NACWA Events (RD Mobile)

rdmobile.com, events.rdmobil.com (IP,


Awards Platform (Open Water)

*.sendgrid.net, *.email.nonprofitcms.org and *.secure-platform.com (IP


One-2-One Networking Portal

*.delegateselect.com (IP


Jobs Portal

*.boxwoodgo.com (IP

Please note that some services send email masking the nacwa.org domain as from addresses and do have proper SPF/DMARC records setup for verification.

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