Watch now: PFAS found in Madison sewage; utility calls test results 'favorable'

Oct 1, 2021

Toxic PFAS compounds known as “forever chemicals” have been found in Madison’s sewage, including the treated wastewater dumped into local waters and sludge spread on area farm fields.

Tests completed in May found PFAS in the raw sewage — or influent — entering the plant as well as in the treated wastewater, or effluent, sent to Badfish Creek and Badger Mill Creek, according to a report prepared by environmental consulting firm TRC. Both creeks flow into the Yahara River.


PFAS were also found in the 37 million gallons of sludge — known as biosolids — spread on about 5,000 acres of cropland.

The Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District presented the long-awaited results to its board Thursday, calling them expected and “favorable.”

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