EPA Announces New PFAS Council; Fox and Szaro to Co-Chair

May 5, 2021

Administrator Michael Regan announced last week during Water Week the formation of a new EPA Council on PFAS (ECP) that will build upon the momentum already happening under the Agency’s PFAS Action Plan. The ECP will be co-chaired by EPA’s Principal Deputy Assistant Administrator Radhika Fox and EPA Region 1’s Acting Administrator Deb Szaro. The direct tasks for the ECP include:

  • Developing a multi-year strategy that reviews all ongoing actions under the EPA PFAS Action Plan, proposing modifications as needed, and finding and identifying new strategies and elevating priorities. Within 100 days, EPA will put forth recommendations in a document titled PFAS 2021-2025 – Safeguarding America’s Waters, Air and Land.
  • Continuing interagency coordination on issues specific to regions and across environmental media to help states, Tribes, and local communities address PFAS challenges.
  • Working with national program offices and regions to maximize EPA’s funding and financing programs to better leverage federal and state dollars to support cleanup and remediation of PFAS pollution, particularly in underserved communities.
  • Expanding engagement opportunities with stakeholders to ensure consistency in communication, the exchange of information, and to identify collaborative solutions.

NACWA is closely following the ECP initiatives that were announced last week and will continue to keep members up to date on any new information. While it remains unclear what portions of the EPA Action Plan the ECP will review and possibly propose modifications to, NACWA expects PFAS initiatives to heat up as this issue is a top priority for this Administration.

If members have concerns on PFAS issues or the newly formed ECP, please contact Emily Remmel, NACWA’s Regulatory Director.

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