Lancaster to begin using notification lights to warn public about combined sewer overflows

Mar 4, 2021

Beginning this month, the City of Lancaster will alert the public of combined sewer overflow (CSO) events in the Conestoga River with red and yellow warning lights.


The lights have been installed at each of the five outfalls along the river where CSOs occur, a press release said.


CSOs occur when the city’s Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant is unable to process all of the sanitary sewage and rainwater entering the combined sewer system, the release said, adding that this results in the discharge of untreated sewage and rainwater to the Conestoga River.


The notification lights will help draw attention to the signs at each outfall warning people to avoid contact with the water when a CSO is in progress (red light) and for a period of 24 hours immediately following a CSO (yellow light).

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