New Document Explores Concept of Watershed Utility

Oct 10, 2017

five(October 10, 2017) – NACWA joined with the U.S. Water Alliance (USWA) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) to release a new publication on October 3 that explores the idea of a watershed or statewide utility, to better coordinate efforts between a wide variety of stakeholders in addressing water quality impairment concerns.  

The document, Addressing Nutrient Pollution in our Nation’s Waters: The Role of a Statewide Utility, proposes a new collaborative approach across agriculture, utilities, businesses, environmental groups, government, and academia that could help reduce nutrient pollution in our nation's waterways.  The concept involves a watershed or statewide utility that would augment existing governance and funding structures by reaching across a broader array of constituencies and stakeholders.  Such a utility or institution would offer new financing, governance, and operational functions to advance state nutrient reduction strategies with the support and participation of agriculture, water utilities, environmental and business interests, and the public. 

NACWA is pleased to partner with the USWA and WEF on this project, and looks forward to further collaboration with a broad array of stakeholders to address nutrient issues.   

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