NACWA Provides Input at Meeting between Paris and New York Utilities

May 9, 2017

tenNACWA was pleased to provide a national overview at a conference in Brooklyn, NY on May 3, bringing together the leadership of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) and Paris’ wastewater treatment agency (SIAAP) — two of the largest clean water agencies in the world.  The two agencies discussed their respective challenges, including affordability and climate/adaptation, and focused on strategies for risk-mitigation and increasing their overall resilience.

NACWA’s overview focused on the sector’s increasing embrace of the Utility of the Future mantle and the vital role of bringing innovation and best practices from “mega-cities” like Paris and New York to utilities of all sizes through peer-to-peer outreach efforts.  The meeting was hosted by W-Smart through New York University. Participants from the Boston Water & Sewer Commission and DC Water also provided presentations.

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