NACWA Active With EPA to Extend Pending Comment Deadlines

Feb 14, 2017

NACWA submitted two requests last week to EPA for extended comment deadlines on proposals impacting the municipal clean water community. 

The Association filed a request February 9 for a 120-extension of the public comment period for EPA’s proposed National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). The proposed rule is being evaluated by NACWA’s Air Quality Workgroup, which discussed the risk and technology review and new requirements with EPA during a conference call last month.  NACWA requested that the February 27 comment deadline be extended to allow the Association and its members to collect additional information about the impacts of the rule on POTWs.  NACWA members with questions about the proposal or who would like to contribute to NACWA’s comments on the proposal should contact Cynthia Finley.

Also on February 9, NACWA asked EPA to extend the public comment period on EPA’s Request for Scientific Views: Draft Human Health Recreational Ambient Water Quality Criteria and/or Swimming Advisories for Microcystins and CylindrospermopsinThe request for an extension was granted on February 10, and comments are now due on March 20.  NACWA looks forward to publishing comments on this issue.  NACWA members with concerns or comments should contact Emily Remmel

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