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New York City’s water bill amnesty program saved customers, raised money

Jun 6, 2023

New York City officials announced that the city’s water bill amnesty program, which ran from Jan. 30 through May 31, helped more than 100,000 water customers reduce their debts while also saving them more than $22 million in interest.

Of the nearly 200,000 customers who owed money on late water bills when the program started, more than 50% participated in the popular program—bringing in nearly $105 million in payments from substantially past due accounts.

During the program, the New York City Department of Environmental protection (DEP) granted $5.2 million in billing credits to help low-income customers that already participate in New York State’s Low Income Homeowner Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP). While the Amnesty program is over, DEP will continue to help those homeowners by offering up to $30 million toward the forgiveness of up to $5,000 of the remaining delinquent balance for each property owner.

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