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AlexRenew Uses Cartoons to Engage Residents on the Importance of its RiverRenew Tunnel Project

Oct 26, 2022

Cloe Storybook CoverAlexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), the regional public wastewater treatment provider in Alexandria, Virginia, recently began construction on its RiverRenew Tunnel Project, a state-mandated project to reduce combined sewer overflows in Alexandria. Since the start of the Project’s planning, AlexRenew has conducted significant community outreach to engage and educate Alexandria’s residents about the importance of the RiverRenew Tunnel Project. As part of its outreach geared toward younger audiences in Alexandria, AlexRenew created an education program featuring cartoon versions of the various equipment used to construct the Project, including the central character, Cloe the Tunnel Boring Machine.

Over the last year, Cloe and her “friends” (other construction equipment) were created to explain the construction through AlexRenew’s website, social media posts, and signage at construction sites. Examples include:

  • Edie the Excavator illustrated how a building is demolished to prepare one of the construction sites.
  • Elaine the All-Terrain Crane illustrated how to set up one of the sites for trailers and materials and equipment staging.
  • Wayne the Crawler Crane illustrated the first step of constructing a deep shaft for the Tunnel Project.

To build on these efforts, AlexRenew published “Cloe the Tunnel Boring Machine Builds a Tunnel” in September 2021. The book tells the story of Cloe, who builds a tunnel in Old Town Alexandria to prevent combined sewage from overflowing into the Potomac River, and explains how the tunnel will improve the health of our waterways. The book is available virtually through AlexRenew’s Project website and hard copies were distributed to local public libraries, daycares, and afterschool programs.

The educational campaign illustrates the effort that goes into a project like this, in an engaging, interactive, and positive way. This educational endeavor has helped AlexRenew connect with residents across Alexandria – changing the focus of this mega Project from its impacts into what it takes to build and how it improves the health of Alexandria’s waterways.

NACWA awarded Alexandria Renew Enterprises a 2022 National Environmental Achievement Award in the Public Information & Education: Educational Program category for its creative program and campaign. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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