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The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) is the nation’s recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal clean water advocacy - helping ensure a strong, sustainable clean water future.

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Hampton Roads Sanitation District Establishes One-of-a-Kind Research Center
  • The City of Prineville’s Innovative Natural Wastewater Treatment System

    Dec 04, 2019
    In 2017, the City of Prineville (OR) completed an innovative natural wastewater treatment system project by establishing a 120-acre wetlands complex along the Crooked River. While the complex incorporates effective wastewater treatment, it also serves as an interactive community asset with hiking trails, wildlife observation, and educational kiosks. The City received a National Environmental Achievement Award in the Operations & Environmental Performance category from NACWA in 2019 for the project.


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Clean Water Current

  • NACWA Releases New PFAS Considerations Document for Utilities

    Dec 04, 2019
    NACWA released a new document, A Clean Water Utility’s Guide to Considering Source Identification, Pretreatment, and Sampling Protocols for PFAS, on November 25 designed to provide helpful information to utilities that are dealing with growing questions around PFAS chemicals in wastewater and biosolids.
  • Water Sector Groups Discuss Affordability with Water, Enforcement Office Leadership

    Dec 04, 2019
    NACWA, along with its partners the American Water Works Association and the Water Environment Federation, met December 3 with political leadership for both the enforcement and water offices at EPA to discuss the groups’ report, Developing a New Framework for Household Affordability and Financial Capability Assessment in the Water Sector, which outlines a new approach to evaluating household affordability and utility financial capability across all water programs.
  • NACWA Leads Stormwater Coalition on Supreme Court Brief

    Dec 04, 2019
    NACWA led a group of national and state stormwater associations in filing a November 25 brief with the US Supreme Court in support of the review of a Maryland court decision that could open municipal stormwater utilities to greater Clean Water Act (CWA) liability.


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Chasing Zero: How Today’s Policies are Shaping the Future of Clean Water

Join us in Atlanta as we explore how public clean water agencies are on the front lines navigating a regulatory movement that is ratcheting down water quality targets, approaching zero in some cases.