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Member Spotlight: Hampton Roads Sanitation District Establishes One-of-a-Kind Research Center
  • Hampton Roads Sanitation District Establishes One-of-a-Kind Research Center

    Nov 06, 2019
    This year, the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) launched the Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT) Research Center. As the first of its kind, the center is an advanced water treatment, aquifer recharge, public education, aquifer science research, and operator training facility all rolled into one. The one million gallon per day facility takes a portion of the fully treated effluent from HRSD’s Nansemond Treatment Plant and uses an 8-step carbon based advanced water treatment process to produce water that meets drinking water standards (SWIFT Water). The SWIFT Water is then used to recharge the Potomac Aquifer, a confined drinking water aquifer that supplies water to over 200,000 individual drinking water wells throughout eastern Virginia.


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