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The world's largest wastewater treatment plant is in Stickney, Ill.

Feb 6, 2024


STICKNEY, Ill. -- The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District's wastewater treatment plant in near Stickney, Ill. has many names, both formal and informal.

The formal name is the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant. Gizmodo Magazine has a more appropriate name for the 413-acre facility: "The Crappiest Place On Earth."

But is it best known as the world's largest wastewater treatment plant, serving over 2.4 million people in Chicago and 46 suburban communities.

"What wastewater is essentially is any of the water that you use in your home, industry or wherever that goes down the drain, and we essentially treat it here," said Adam Gronksi, plant manager. "We treat it to a standard where basically it's good and safe for the fish and the aquatic species of the waterway that we discharge to."

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