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Tempe continues to test wastewater for COVID-19

Sep 12, 2023

The program began during the opioid epidemic, and today, the city is still learning a lot because of what the samples show.


An uptick in COVID is happening across the country, and at the community level, the City of Tempe is seeing it.

"For wastewater, that means it’s getting a little bit stronger, as far as the presence of COVID in our community," said Wydale Holmes, Director of the Strategic Management and Innovation Office for Tempe. "We do have a few areas that are higher than others, but we really look at that as a way to say ‘we need to do more education about general prevention.’"


Holmes said in the last three weeks, wastewater collected near the Arizona State University campus, and also in Downtown, has shown higher levels of COVID. However, the information is not meant to scare.

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