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County refuse district has 'Plan B' in place for leachate

Jul 21, 2023

The Niagara County Refuse District has struck a deal with a specialty hauler to pump and transport leachate from three closed landfills in Lockport.

Currently, the leachate is going to the City of Lockport Waste Water Treatment Plant, but the arrangement is understood to be temporary and the city could stop accepting it any time, according to Dawn Timm, county environmental science coordinator.

In that event, the leachate will have to be hauled to the Buffalo Sewer Authority, the only other nearby treatment outfit that will accept it, and Timm told the legislature last month that the refuse district’s 5,000 gallon tanker would be “prematurely aged” by one or more 50-mile round trips per day. She asked for and was given approval to put the pumping and hauling work out to bid. The sole bidder, Tonawanda-based Environmental Service Group, offered to take the leachate for $1,100 per 5,000 gallons.


Environmental Service Group is the refuse district’s “Plan B” and will only be called if and when the City of Lockport can’t treat the leachate, Timm said.

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