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Eagle River Water and Sanitation District helped initiate ‘Do Not Flush’ wet-wipe labeling which will become law in 2024

Apr 27, 2023

When you flush something down the toilet, it’s usually because you don’t want that item to ever be seen again. But in recent years, the Eagle River Water and Sanitation District is seeing more and more of something being flushed down local toilets, and a new bill aims to raise awareness of the problem.

The issue is tissue, but not just any tissue – specifically it’s the product known as “wet wipes” which are causing problems in Colorado sewers.

Senate Bill 23-150, “Require Labeling Disposable Wipes” was signed into law this month, which means that starting next year, the packages of premoistened, nonwoven disposable wipes must be labeled with the phrase “Do Not Flush” in an effort to notify consumers of the problems that can arise, (literally, rising back out of the drain) when those products are flushed down the toilet.

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