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Lorain County locals fight against proposed biosolids facility in Grafton Township

Mar 3, 2023

n Southeast Lorain County, which is approximately 16 miles from campus, a large parcel of land lies unoccupied aside from a gravel driveway, where plans to build a biosolids handling facility have some members of the public expressing their unease. Others, like the Lorain County Health Commissioner, argue that public alarm may be unwarranted.   

A company called Grow Now LLC has its sights set on the parcel in Grafton Township to build a facility for storing biosolids, a substance often used as fertilizer derived from leftover human waste in water treatment facilities.   

In response to the proposal, which would place the facility on the Northwest corner of Law Road and State Route 83, community members have dotted the landscape with signs that read “No Bio Solids in Grafton.”  

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