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San Diego homeowners concerned about upcoming water, sewer rate hikes

Dec 6, 2022

SAN DIEGO — San Diego homeowners found postcards in their mailboxes Monday; a notification that water and sewer rates are going up.

The increase: 2.5% for water and 4% for sewer usage. If you pay $100, it’ll be a few dollars more. But it's coming at a time of crippling inflation.

Scripps Ranch homeowner Patrick Pierce reacted, "I'm concerned that every time we turn around we get a new rate increase; whether it's SDG&E, water. I understand you have to pay for infrastructure but it seems like it's constant." 


The notification explained that it's to pay for cost increases for imported water, and to replace aging pipes and wastewater mains, as well as to fund investments for future water programs.

Utility Consumers' Action Network asked if the increased billing is justified. 

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