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A sanitary sewer success story

Aug 25, 2022

This article by Hala Baroudi, EGLE senior engineer, and Laura Verona, EGLE public wastewater unit supervisor, appeared in July/August issue of American Infrastructure magazine.

Michigan established a Sanitary Sewer Overflow Policy in 2002, in consultation with a stakeholder group, to correct illegal discharges to waters of the state. The story of one Michigan township – one of the first to enter a correction program under the policy – shows just how effective investing in improvements can be.

Located in Southeast Michigan’s Macomb County, Clinton Township is home to about 100,500 people. Nine sanitary sewer districts service its 28.2 square miles. From 2000-14, the township reported 86 sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) – including 20 in 2011 alone and 12 each year in 2013-14.

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