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Akron residents should support city's effort to oppose EPA mandate, save ratepayers money

May 2, 2022

There's zero doubt everyone in northeast Ohio wants to avoid raw sewage spilling into Akron's rivers and streams that flow into Lake Erie.

It's also true that Akron-area residents should not have to spend one penny more than necessary to fix the city's sewer system to stop untreated water from entering our waterways — or at least limit such occasions to nearly zero.

Those realities are at odds right now and the good people of Akron who already pay an average of $57 per month for sewer service alone.

In a bid to save residents $140 million and keep those bills from rising significantly, Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan's administration has filed an official complaint with the state and federal Environmental Protection Administration over two remaining court-ordered sewer projects. The city also has launched a public relations campaign targeting the EPA and by default the local federal judge overseeing a consent decree requiring the city to fix its sewers.

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