Senate Committee Approves Water Resources Development Act with Over $20B for Army Corps

May 5, 2022

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on May 4 cleared the Water Resources Development Act, authorizing $24.6 billion in Army Corps of Engineers water projects and sending the legislation to the Senate floor. The Water Resources Development Act is biennial legislation that authorizes flood control, navigation, and ecosystem restoration projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Senate’s 2022 WRDA legislation elevates coastal protection and ecosystem restoration as the primary mission of the Corps. The bill also offers key revisions to the civil works policies and programs of the Army Corps, aiming to increase responsiveness to national and local needs.

In previous years, the Senate WRDA bill has included provisions addressing affordability, municipal resources, green infrastructure for stormwater management, and other provisions that could directly benefit clean water utilities. However, because many of those issues were addressed last year in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation, this year’s WRDA bill is almost entirely focused on Army Corps issues.

NACWA will be monitoring this legislation as it advances and will continue working with key Congressional offices to maintain focus on NACWA’s policy agenda. For further information or questions on the hearing, please contact a member of NACWA’s legislative team.

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