This new bill would create state fund for Jackson water and sewer projects. Here's how

Apr 4, 2022

A bill awaiting the governor's signature would create a dedicated fund for Jackson's beleaguered water and sewer system.

House Bill 1031, approved this week by both the House and the Senate, creates a special fund for upgrades and repairs to Jackson's water and sewer system.

Rep. Shanda Yates, I-Hinds, Madison, authored the bill.

The bill specifies neither the amount nor the source of the money that would be placed in the dedicated fund. 

Yates co-author a companion bill, HB 1064, that would allocate $42 million of the state's $1.8 billion American Rescue Plan allocation to the dedicated fund. That bill, however, died in committee.

Yates did not respond to an email seeking comment on bills.

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