DC Water launches program to provide relief for renters

Feb 11, 2021

If you are running behind on your water bill in D.C., you may be able to get assistance — even if you don’t typically pay your water bill directly.

The first program under “DC Water Cares” aims to help low-income renters whose water bills are reflected in their monthly rent.

In the past, low-income renters could not get relief because their bill was often tied to rent. But through the new program, DC Water will provide discounts to landlords who would then pass along at least 90% of that to qualifying tenants’ rent.

Once the owner of the building signs up for the program, tenants who receive assistance through the Department of Human Services, Department of Energy and Environment or live in an affordable housing unit will automatically qualify. People living in apartments can also apply if their income level is 80% of D.C.’s area median income.

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