NACWA Commends Senate Committee for 2018 Farm Bill Passage

Jun 14, 2018

June 14, 2018


NACWA Commends Senate Committee for 2018 Farm Bill Passage
Bill Includes NACWA Priorities to Advance Holistic Watershed Solutions

(Washington, DC) - The National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) congratulates the Senate Agriculture Committee for passing its bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill out of Committee Wednesday. Critically for the municipal clean water sector, the Senate’s Bill provides strong support for conservation programs and includes provisions that can improve opportunities to partner with farmers and landowners in their watersheds, as utilities work to meet their clean water goals and objectives through a holistic watershed approach.  

Further, NACWA thanks Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for sponsoring an amendment advocated by NACWA that affirms partnerships between “nonpoint” and “regulated point” sources can advance the goals of the Clean Water Act, as well as benefit the agricultural community and public at large.  As Sen. Grassley noted:

“I’m happy an amendment I put in, which encourages partnership to help water and wastewater utilities find an innovative and low-cost solution to meet the Clean Water Act targets more effectively, was included in the manager’s amendment,” Grassley said during the Committee meeting. “Instead of these utilities building expensive water treatment plants, they can be given credit for programs that lower costs. It’s something that ought to be concentrated on.”

This amendment was also incorporated into the House’s bill, championed by Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH).

NACWA has been engaged in the Farm Bill to expand upon and facilitate involvement by public clean water agencies in strategic conservation projects and partnerships that cost-effectively advance the goals of the Clean Water Act. Many NACWA member utilities are engaged in watershed projects, bringing technical and financial resources to the table to advance innovative conservation projects and help connect urban and rural communities.

“On behalf of NACWA’s more than 300 public agency members in 48 states, I applaud the House and Senate Agriculture Committees for advancing Farm Bills that include important water quality provisions,” said NACWA CEO Adam Krantz. “Clean water agencies are looking for innovative, collaborative watershed approaches to advance clean water as cost-effectively as possible, and the Farm Bill is a critical opportunity to help ensure that federal policies and programs support these goals.”

The largest water organizations joined together to helped elevate the crucial role played by the Farm Bill in protecting water quality during the recent 2018 Water Week events. NACWA looks forward to continuing to work with Congress as it works on the Farm Bill over the summer



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