Infrastructure Week is Underway!

May 16, 2017

sixInfrastructure Week 2017 has officially begun! From May 15-19, in cities across the country, a wide range of stakeholders will come together to discuss and advocate for one of the nation’s most pressing concerns: enhancing America’s vast infrastructure network—including water and sewer systems.  What should be of particular interest to NACWA members today:  the Value of Water Campaign, partnering with the World Resources Institute and National League of Cities, will host the Resilient Water Management discussion (May 16, 2:00 -3:30 PM ET). This presentation will address how cities and businesses can address water challenges in a way to benefit the economy and environment.

The central message of the event, #TimeToBuild, underscores the political momentum behind a potential federal infrastructure package being presented later this year. During the kickoff event Monday, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, encouraged attendees with a show of support, not only for creative solutions, but also the importance of fostering new partnerships to get projects completed efficiently. NACWA was also featured in a series of videos produced by the Bipartisan Policy Center, helping to elevate water infrastructure as a priority in any forthcoming infrastructure package.   

NACWA is a strong supporter of Infrastructure Week and will be promoting it through various social media and internal news platforms throughout the week.  The full schedule of events is available here, as well as the link to the live stream video of all the week’s events. 

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