Michigan Utilities Release UOTF Report

Apr 25, 2017

eightThe Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA) released a report April 15 highlighting how Michigan clean water utilities are pursuing “Utility of the Future (UOTF)” concepts, demonstrating not only the great work being done by utilities in the state, but also the energy and interest in UOTF issues from across the country.  The report comes out of a Water Resource Recovery Summit facilitated last year by MWEA, in which NACWA participated as an attendee and a presenter, to examine ways in which UOTF concepts could be better implemented throughout the state.  Many of NACWA’s utility members in Michigan also participated in the summit, including the City of Grand Rapids which chaired the event. 

NACWA congratulates MWEA and the Association’s Michigan members for developing such a comprehensive and forward-looking document.  It is wonderful to see the UOTF movement continuing to gain momentum at the state and regional level, and NACWA remains ready to help advance these efforts.  

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