What to Prepare for and Expect After Congressional Recess

Apr 11, 2017

Capitol Hill is a bit quieter, with the House and Senate on recess until April 24, but these weeks are still an important period for clean water advocacy. During the recess, many Members of Congress and their staff are visiting their home districts, while others are working to prepare legislatively for when Congress returns. NACWA anticipates a busy final week of April, as the current Continuing Resolution that is funding the government expires on April 28. Congress must reach agreement by April 28, either on authorizing another continuing resolution—which would mean continuing to base federal spending on Fiscal Year 2016 levels—or on completing any outstanding work on Fiscal Year 2017 Appropriations. If no agreement is reached, the Federal Government would shut down – a vastly unpopular outcome which will likely be avoided. Meanwhile, Congress also continues to work on priorities that include comprehensive tax reform and infrastructure.

Spring and summer recesses are an opportune time to think about inviting your Member(s) of Congress to visit your facility. The House is scheduled to be in-district the week of May 8, and both Chambers are scheduled to be in their home states/districts during the week of Memorial Day, the week of Independence Day, and the whole month of August.

Consider reaching out to your district Congressional Office and offer a tour. For resources, tips or general help, please contact Kristina Surfus, NACWA’s Legislative Affairs Manager.

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