NACWA Leadership Discusses Nutrient Challenge with Key Stakeholders

Mar 28, 2017

threeNACWA Board Members and committee leaders stayed in Washington, DC after the National Water Policy Fly-In and Rally for Water to meet with key stakeholders on the growing nutrient pollution challenge. NACWA’s Nutrient Summit, held March 23, brought together national leaders from the agriculture, environmental NGO, state water regulator and clean water communities to discuss where NACWA can provide leadership in advancing work to address nutrient over-enrichment. Discussions at the Summit focused on how best to engage the agriculture community—including through partnerships between clean water utilities and producers—and whether the current Clean Water Act paradigm is presenting obstacles to further progress. A discussion synthesis will be available in the next month, and a small workgroup will be helping the Summit facilitator craft NACWA’s short and long-term objectives on the nutrient issue. Those objectives will be incorporated into a draft position statement that the NACWA Board will consider for approval in July.

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