Signature Conferences & Events

NACWA hosts several conferences, workshops, regional meetings and webinars annually.  We strive to offer the most current information about legislative, regulatory and legal developments and provide many opportunities for you to network with your colleagues and industry leaders from across the country. Speakers at NACWA conferences are drawn from Congress and the EPA, as well as the public and private sectors. All come ready to give in-depth presentations, willingly engage in discourse with the audience, and meet with NACWA’s committees.

Winter Conference

Join clean water professionals, regulators, and stakeholders in February, for plenary sessions that will benefit your organization, as we navigate high-stakes clean water challenges at NACWA’s Winter Conference. A compelling conference agenda is always sure to examine the diverse array of issues currently challenging clean water agencies – and their impact on communities across the country – through the perspectives of thought leaders and experts in the field. Content-rich committee meetings tackle the very latest regulatory, legislative, and legal developments impacting the clean water sector today. 

Water Week & The National Water Policy Fly-In

Water Week is the premier national advocacy event for the water sector in Washington, DC, bringing groups together from all across the sector to join together and elevate water as a national priority. It serves as an excellent opportunity for clean water professionals to advance their message with lawmakers and policymakers at the national level, while at the same time meeting and interacting with colleagues from around the country.  This Spring time event also serves as an excellent example of collaboration among the nation water sector organizations. 

The anchor event of Water Week is the National Water Policy Fly-In, which is jointly sponsored by NACWA and several other water associations.  The program includes Members of Congress, senior EPA officials, and Congressional staff to discuss the most recent developments in national water policy and how these developments can impact local utilities. The Fly-In also provides an opportunity for utility leaders to visit Members of Congress on Capitol Hill and take a message directly to them about how important clean water is to local communities and ratepayers.

There is nothing more powerful or effective you can do as a clean water advocate than talking directly to your elected representatives in Washington.  So make sure Water Week and the National Water Policy Fly-In are on your list of “must attend” conferences!

Visit the Water Week website

National Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Workshop & Training

Each May, NACWA offers the only national workshop designed specifically for pretreatment professionals from across the country.  NACWA’s National Pretreatment & Pollution Prevention Workshop and Training not only examines the array of regulatory issues that are relevant to pretreatment programs – but also features U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional roundtable discussions providing an opportunity for EPA, state, and municipal workshop participants to examine priority issues in each region. Specialized pretreatment training courses are also offered making this a not-to-be-missed annual event.

Strategic Communications: H2O

The purpose of Strategic Communications: H2O (StratComm: H2O) is to help clean water utilities enhance—or in some cases create—effective communications platforms that help advance goals and initiatives in the public sphere, as opposed to passively reacting to events and challenges. Join us, in June, as we share resources, strategies and peer-to-peer solutions from some of the best water sector communicators in the country, and take away concrete plans of action that will improve your platform, and/or grow your nationwide network.

Utility Leadership Conference & Annual Meeting

NACWA's Utility Leadership Conference (ULC) provides a high impact forum for exploring the management challenges facing today's utilities – small, medium, and large. With a focus on creative solutions, this July conference offers not only a compelling agenda but also features meetings of many of the Association’s committees where critical developments in the arenas of water quality; legal affairs; utility and resource management; facility and collection systems; stormwater management; and legislative and regulatory policy are examined. Bring your team, as we explore creative utility leadership solutions together.

National Clean Water Law & Enforcement Seminar

The National Clean Water Law & Enforcement Seminar is the only conference of its kind focused specifically on the latest developments in legal and enforcement challenges facing the municipal clean water community. Every November, the Seminar provides a forum that brings together clean water attorneys and professionals, utility leaders and managers, and enforcement experts to engage in candid dialogue and information sharing on new trends, tools, negotiation tactics, challenges and opportunities associated with clean water law, regulation, and enforcement. Speakers will share invaluable analyses and insights to help develop the best solutions to make the entire sector stronger