Winter Conference

Albuquerque, NM | February 5 - 8

Join us in February for, The Clean Water Act/Safe Drinking Water Act Nexus . . . Conflict or Collaboration. NACWA’s 2019 Winter Conference will explore two statutes at a crossroads ─ and the new thinking needed to meet the goals and objectives of both.


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In passing the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), Congress had two different goals and objectives in mind. The CWA aimed to mitigate point source pollution and achieve the goal of “fishable and swimmable” waters. The SDWA focused its sights on protection of public health and providing safe, high quality drinking water from source to tap. Over the last 50 years, programs under each Act have matured independently, but perhaps now more than ever, wastewater and drinking water issues are overlapping in the real world. NACWA’s 2019 Winter Conference takes an in-depth look at the progress of the CWA, its nexus with the SDWA, and asks whether the palpable intersection between these monumental environmental statutes breeds conflict or collaboration for the water sector?

Why Attend?

  • Engage with peers, clean water leaders, regulators and stakeholders through unparalleled networking opportunities—discussions, committees, One 2 One Event, and more—as we share solutions and exchange ideas, while building key long-term professional relationships.
  • Receive the highest value, actionable information from the Advocacy arena—legislative, regulatory and legal—as sessions, presentations and takeaways equip you to guide your agency through the challenges and opportunities coming in 2019 and beyond.
  • Discover innovative programs and best practices, as we recognize excellence, and honor NACWA's 2019 National Environmental Achievement Award winners.
  • Experience the strength, unity and support of participating in a true nationwide organization, comprised of member agencies of all sizes and service regions—the only clean water association governed solely by public utilities.

Schedule at a Glance

February 5

  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Committee Meetings
  • Welcoming Reception

February 6

  • Women’s Water Network Breakfast
  • Committee Meetings
  • One-2-One Networking
  • Awards Ceremony & Reception

February 7

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Off-Site Reception

February 8

  • Plenary Session


  • During your stay in Albuquerque, don’t forget to stop by for the debut of the NACWA Networking Lounge, where you can connect with colleagues, check email, enjoy a refreshment, or simply relax.
  • New to NACWA or first time at this meeting? Please join us at the New Member and First Time Attendee Meet & Greet on Wednesday before the Welcoming Reception.
  • NACWA looks forward to honoring 22 Member Agencies and five individuals who will receive National Environmental Achievement Awards (NEAA) at the 2018 Winter Conference.  NACWA’s NEAA program honors individuals and agencies that have made significant contributions through outstanding advocacy or innovative projects that positively impact the environment, their utility, and their community.
  • Don’t miss this unique opportunity to network with your clean water colleagues.  The One-2-One Networking portal will be open soon to make your appointments!








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