Green Meeting


Protecting our environment and the planet is of fundamental importance to the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) and its members.  Our green meeting strategy aims to lighten our environmental impact by:

Meeting Materials

  • NACWA has significantly reduced printed materials for conferences, and prints only what is necessary to the success of the conference.All information on the conference is available at
  • Materials that are printed for our meetings are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper that is made with a minimum of 10% post-consumer waste.
  • NACWA lanyards are made from 100% post-consumer plastic, mostly plastic bottles.
  • The sponsored Key Cards are made from a minimum of 20% post-consumer plastic.
  • All NACWA Signage is made from reusable materials.The NACWA Sponsorship Bio-Banner is made from the new revolutionary biodegradable PVC material.When placed in a landfill, the Bio-Banner will literally vanish within 3-5 years unlike other vinyl banners that remain unchanged for decades.
  • NACWA staff also will be reducing paper usage as much as possible onsite, using ENERGY STAR certified computers and adopting other “green office” practices.

Recycling of Materials

  • Recycling bins for bottles, paper, aluminum and glass are available in the hotel throughout meeting rooms, guest rooms and at breaks.

  • Following the conclusion of the meeting, be sure to stop by NACWA’s registration desk to drop off your badge and lanyard – NACWA strives to recycle and reuse as many meeting materials as possible.

Green Initiatives at the Palmer House Hilton

  • All back of the house areas, meeting spaces, and offices have containers for paper recycling.
  • Several collection locations throughout the building capture cardboard from the kitchens, meetings, engineering, housekeeping, etc. The cardboard is bailed for recycling.
  • Items such as batteries, fluorescent bulbs, ballasts, and waste oil, are all recycled through Allied Waste.
  • This property donates old bed linens and towels annually.
  • Low flow shower-heads are Hilton standards to conserve water.
  • The Natura Water System, a water purification and carbonation system, is an environmentally friendly alternative to the waste and energy associated with both bottled water service and tap water in pitchers typically served during meetings.
  • A building automation system schedules the HVAC systems to run only when there is a meeting scheduled to avoid unnecessary cooling/heating of a room to save energy.
  • The Palmer House Hilton has installed Compact Florescent light bulbs in guest rooms and back of the house areas.
  • Precious metals (Brass/Copper/Aluminum/Stainless/Bronze) are collected from several sources throughout the building and picked up for recycling.
  • This hotel has a computer software that is used to track and monitor energy through meter reading. It allows engineering to view reports and compare usage to other Hilton properties. It also alarms engineering about peak energy consumptions allowing operators to reduce/shed loads.

Other NACWA Meeting Policies

  • NACWA offers tap water at our conferences, so that we can all enjoy the product of our member’s labors and reduce waste.