Exclusively for Board Members and Committee leaders... plan now to join us in Salt Lake City for NACWA’s Fall Strategic Leadership Meeting, October 24-25!

NACWA's Fall Strategic Leadership Meeting provides a unique annual opportunity for the Association's Board of Directors and standing committee, workgroup, and task force leaders to engage in strategic discussions and plan for the new year. With the theme of Supercharging Our Advocacy Agenda, we will explore how partnerships can take NACWA’s advocacy to a new level – as well as the strategic importance of positioning clean water utilities as catalysts for positive change and the drivers of sustainable environmental and economic benefits. As a NACWA leader, we urge you to plan now to attend. There has never been a more critical time for you to share your perspectives, engage in strategic discussions, and position the Association for future success.

Schedule at a Glance

October 24

  • Awards Committee Meeting
  • Executive Committee Meeting
  • Strategic Leadership Dialogue
  • Financial Plan Workgroup/TAF Task Force (Joint)
  • Leadership Social Event

October 25

  • Nominating Committee (Officers) Meeting
  • Real Estate Task Force
  • Strategic Leadership Dialogue (continued)
  • Board of Directors Meeting
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Board Meetings

Board Members are asked to note the following Board of Directors-related meetings taking place during the Fall Strategic Leadership Meeting in October.  With the exception of the Fall Board of Directors Meeting, which includes all Board Members, Committee/Workgroup/Task Force membership is indicated for each meeting.  The meetings are listed in chronological order. Click here for full details and times.

  • Awards Committee
  • Executive Committee
  • Financial Plan Workgroup/TAF Task Force (Joint)
  • Nominating Committee (Officers)
  • Real Estate Task Force
  • Board of Directors Meeting

Other Event Information

Please email Ebony Scott for the Participant List