Regulatory Flexibility 

NACWA is continuously engaged with EPA and Congress on ways to streamline and simplify the existing Clean Water Act (CWA) regulatory framework, to provide public clean water utilities with more flexibility in meeting their public health and environmental protection obligations. 

The focus of these efforts is not about rolling regulations or protections.  To the contrary, it is about empowering utilities to meet and even exceed their CWA responsibilities in more innovative and efficient ways. 

NACWA believes there are a number of steps – within the existing CWA statutory framework – the Federal Government can take to provide a more flexible regulatory construct that encourages efficiencies, innovation, and cost savings, while still providing a high level of public health and environmental protection. 

More importantly, NACWA believes that public clean water utilities have earned the right – with more than 40 years of proven work to protect the environment – to have a greater partnership with the Federal Government in creating an effective and efficient regulatory regime.