Susan T. Holmes


Susan T. Holmes
Central Davis Sewer District
Kaysville, UT

Susan Holmes is the Central Davis Sewer District (CDSD) Board of Trustees Chair.  She has been on the CDSD Board for over 10 years and during that time has been actively involved in NACWA and presently serves on the Biosolids, Water Quality, Legal Affairs, Membership and Strategic Planning Committees.  CDSD was the first Utah District and the first of its size west of the Mississippi to be certified by the National Biosolids Partnership; CDSD was responsible for the creation of an inter-local agreement between 11 Districts to fund good science; CDSD was the catalyst in the recent Utah legislation to reign in the ability of the State Water Quality Commission to require exorbitant monetary improvement costs.  She also serves as a Council Chair for the Public Outreach Council for the Water Environment Association of Utah.  Ms. Holmes has served as a Farmington City Utah Council Member, a member of the Board of the Utah League of Cities and Towns, as Chair of Farmington City’s Planning Commission, on various Utah legislative bill writing committees, Davis County Utah committees, and community volunteer and development Boards.  Professionally she is a Marketing and Public Relations Consultant for businesses, governments, individuals and corporations.