Excellence in Management Award Resources

Next Cycle: Mid March 2021

Launched in 2003, the EIM program recognizes the significant achievements of Member Agencies in the utility management arena. The program honors Member Agencies that have adopted or made progress toward successful implementation of management practices that address the range of challenges as identified by the Ten Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities (Attributes). Additional information can be found in the recently updated January 2017 Effective Utility Management Primer.

Recognition is given at Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels.  Note that two Attributes – Product Quality and Financial Viability are required of all applications – and that copies of each applicant’s Strategic Plan, Financial Plan, and any other strategic metrics are to be provided as either attachments or via hyperlink to the nomination.

EIM Application Overview Webinar

Interested utilities should review the informative video (26min) detailing the application requirements, "Tips for Success" when submitting the application, and the evaluation process.

Ted Henifin, NACWA Awards Committee Chair
General Manager, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, VA

Lisa K. Van Riper, Director, Enterprise Communications
Alexandria Renew Enterprises, VA (2018 Platinum Honoree)

How to Apply for the EIM Recognition Program

Any NACWA Public Member Agency in good standing may apply for recognition; however, Platinum honorees from 2018, 2019, and 2020 are not eligible to apply until their three-year recognition period has expired. Gold and Silver honorees may apply every year until they reach Platinum status. Subsequent applications from agencies not receiving Platinum recognition should address only those Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities (Attributes) not receiving NACWA Awards Committee endorsement the prior year.


Sample Applications of EIM Honorees

To be used ONLY for reference purposes.

About the EIM Application Process

Each EIM nomination will be reviewed by members of NACWA’s Awards Committee.  The EIM Recognition Program is non-competitive.  Each application will be evaluated individually and all deemed by the Awards Committee to meet the program’s criteria will receive recognition.  Applications that do not meet the minimum qualifications for the selected recognition category will be considered for other categories, where appropriate.

For additional information on NACWA’s Awards Programs contact Bredy Trombino at 202.533.1820.