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For 50 years, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) has been the nation’s recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal advocacy on the full spectrum of clean water issues, as well as a top technical resource for water management, sustainability and ecosystem protection interests.

NACWA represents public wastewater and stormwater agencies of all sizes nationwide. The Association's unique and growing network strengthens the advocacy voice for all member utilities, and ensures they have the tools necessary to provide affordable and sustainable clean water for all.

Our vision is to represent every utility as a NACWA member, helping build a strong and sustainable clean water future.

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Alexandria Renew Enterprises is Growing the Workforce of Tomorrow

Apr 7, 2021
AlexRenew Member Spotlight

In 2013, Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), the wastewater treatment provider in Alexandria, Virginia, established a partnership with Urban Alliance (UA), a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting underserved youth through paid, professional internships, workplace readiness training, and mentorship. Building on its role as a resource to the community it serves, AlexRenew saw this partnership as an opportunity to bridge the gap of workforce development needs, while preparing Alexandria’s most vulnerable young people for professional success. Since the partnership’s start, AlexRenew has provided eleven local high school seniors with an annual internship at AlexRenew’s water resource recovery facility, offering the chance to gain experience from AlexRenew’s various departments. 

Over a year-long internship, the UA interns, who are high school seniors from Alexandria’s T.C. Williams High School, complete workforce development rotations through every department within AlexRenew. The department rotation schedule includes Administration, Information Technology, Human Resources & Safety, Communications, Finance, Engineering, Operations, Laboratory (water testing), and Maintenance. Through this process, interns see first-hand how each team contributes toward AlexRenew’s overall mission and commitment to its community.

AlexRenew’s interns are taught technical complexities, career options, and sustainable practices within the water workforce. The program helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of water sector careers, the essential public health service that wastewater utilities provide to communities around the country, and the value of a future career in this industry. 

While workforce development remains a priority for AlexRenew, it is equally proud to partner with a nonprofit that supports the socioeconomic viability of the community it serves. UA has found the impact of fostering workforce training is realized by improved academic success, substantially higher college enrollment, and dramatically increased prospects for young people’s long-term employment in our community. Urban Alliance proudly sustains a one-hundred percent graduation rate for all of the students that participate in this program.

For this valuable partnership program, AlexRenew was recognized with a 2021 National Environmental Achievement Award in the Workforce Development category. Congratulations to AlexRenew and everyone involved!

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NACWA's Board of Directors embodies the clean water sector's most accomplished leadership, informed by decades of collective experience and expertise in water utility operation and management. The Board leads NACWA's governance, allowing it to serve its members with focus and integrity. 

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The Association is its people. And NACWA's dedicated staff defines the organization's commitment to passionate advocacy, forward thinking leadership and ethical service to members and the clean water community as a whole. They're dedicated and energetic. They're also a lot of fun. Give us a ring...

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The strength of NACWA is its member agencies and affiliates, from publicly-owned wastewater treatment agencies to corporate affiliates from throughout the clean water management chain.  Our unique and growing network strengthens the advocacy voice for all members, ensuring they have the tools and expertise necessary to help shape the clean water landscape both locally and nationally.


NACWA’s committee structure invites Association members to work collectively to shape national clean water policy. NACWA’s committees not only help develop the Association's positions on policy and legislation, they help build and foster NACWA's peer-to-peer networking strength, while achieving key initiatives that benefit all members.


Each year, NACWA recognizes the outstanding commitment, innovation and achievements of individuals and agencies through our national awards programs. From contributions to environmental protection, to diligence in compliance, to even intangible positive impact. NACWA is honored to highlight service excellence within the clean water sector.


Engage and collaborate with member utilities of all sizes—small, medium and large—with affiliates/stakeholders from all regions of the country. Membership is not only a path to improving operations or enhancing professional development, it’s a unique opportunity to join the strongest unified voice for shared clean water interests nationwide.

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