2016 Wet Weather Consent Decrees

NACWA’s Wet Weather Consent Decrees: Negotiation Strategies to Maximize Flexibility & Environmental Benefit serves as the premier resource for the municipal clean water community when addressing wet weather enforcement issues. First published in 2003, NACWA’s original Handbook was extremely well-received and became one of the Association’s most popular publications. The 2015 and newly revised 2016 Handbook builds on the success of the original while also addressing the rapidly changing landscape of wet weather enforcement.

The 2016 revised Wet Weather Consent Decree Handbook with updated information on affordability, supplemental environmental projects and decrees lodged, entered or modified since release of the 2015 edition. This resource will continue to provide NACWA members with unparalleled information, analysis, and strategies on wet weather enforcement issues including negotiation, renegotiation, implementation, and modification of wet weather enforcement orders and decrees. Whether currently negotiating an enforcement order, anticipating an enforcement action, or considering modification of an existing order, the Handbook provides invaluable assistance to the municipal clean water community. (278 pages, 2016).

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