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Cleveland Water officials project rate increases

May 8, 2024


Cleveland Public Utilities officials presented City Council members with the results of their water and Water Pollution Control rate studies. The results project rate increases for residents.

Catherine Troy, chief financial officer for the Department of Public Utilities, said the goals of the Division of Water study included developing a five-year plan for the division. The study also looked at how to fund that plan through water rates that “recover the full cost of providing water service” while also being allocated equitably.

She estimated that rates would increase less than $9 a year for the average customer.

Troy said that a rate study for Water Pollution Control had the same findings. She reminded council members that the Cleveland Divisions of Water and Water Pollution Control are run with enterprise funds, so they are almost entirely paid for through customer rates and fees. She said that annual rate increases for the Division of Water would be necessary to maintain the division’s operations, its reserve funds, its ability to pay off debts, and its ability to pay for capital expenses.

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