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Accelerator Launches to Address New York’s Water Utility Challenges

Aug 8, 2023

A burgeoning population, climate change, and an aging sewage system are putting New York City’s water utility to the test.

In one day, the city’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) supplies about 1 billion gallons of fresh water and processes 1.3 billion gallons of wastewater for nearly 10 million residents. The job entails keeping 14,500 miles of infrastructure in check that bring the clean water into the five Burroughs and carry wastewater out to a sprawling network of treatment plants.  Erratic and severe weather patterns in recent years are taxing the 100-plus-year-old system, calling on DEP to adapt and build resiliency.  At the same time, the agency is charged with enforcing noise and air pollution codes, among tasks to safeguard the environment and public health.

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