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Waterloo moves forward with plan to monetize wastewater

Feb 13, 2023

WATERLOO — The city is preparing to pass the torch to a developer who would turn its wastewater into natural gas.

The City Council unanimously approved a resolution last week to seek proposals for the development of renewable natural gas products by breaking down waste from its wastewater treatment plant and the Tyson Fresh Meats wastewater lagoon.

Waterloo currently burns off most of the gas that occurs from the waste, which is then called biogas. This helps prevent the gas from polluting the air.

The five-acre lagoon at Tyson – called an anaerobic lagoon – creates a significant amount of methane, Waste Management Services Operations Director Brian Bowman said. The lagoon creates about 800,000 cubic feet of valuable biogas per year. The wastewater treatment plant produces about 250,000 cubic feet per year.

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