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Colorado to expand probes of PFAS “forever chemicals” in biosolids from city waste

Aug 24, 2022

Wastewater treatment plants may have to start testing for presence of PFAS “forever chemicals” in biosolids as early as next year, and those plants may be required to investigate upstream sources of the toxic substances, Colorado regulators say. 

State water quality officials also said Colorado’s PFAS grant program is also open to help communities test for PFAS in groundwater in areas where biosolids have been spread for decades as fertilizer, state officials said. They responded to Colorado Sun queries for an update on a biosolids expert working group that began meeting in June. 

More testing can’t happen soon enough for longtime Eastern Plains residents like Pam Wheldon and her ranching family, surrounded by farms from Last Chance to Deer Trail where mysterious biosolids have been spread for decades. She has spent years questioning the landfills, hazardous waste sites and biosolid-using farms that Front Range interests place at remote Eastern Plains locations. 

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