CDC’s Wastewater Surveillance Reveals Alarming Spike In COVID-19 Activity Across the U.S., Midwest Hit Hardest

Jan 5, 2024


The CDC’s National Wastewater Surveillance System (NWSS) is sounding the alarm as it reports a significant surge in COVID-19 activity nationwide. 

According to the latest data updated on December 28th, the wastewater viral activity level for COVID-19 is currently categorized as “very high” across the United States. Disturbingly, the Midwest emerges as the region with the most pronounced wastewater viral activity, indicating a potential hotspot for the virus.

The NWSS provides a crucial public health infrastructure, enabling local agencies to monitor infectious diseases through wastewater. This real-time data empowers health officials to identify outbreak trends early, target preventive measures effectively, and gain additional insights into disease spread.

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