How the water sector is using innovative tech to become more resilient and sustainable

Dec 8, 2022

During weeks of drought across Europe this summer, water levels dropped low enough to expose an ancient message, "if you see me, then weep." The inscription on a rock in the Elbe River, near the northern Czech town of Děčín, was a timely reminder as rivers ran dry.

In the US, waters along the Mississippi receded to such a low level they revealed a ferry, likely sunk around the turn of the 19th century, near Baton Rouge. These are only two indicators in a year that left us in little doubt that climate change is wreaking havoc on water and how we manage it.

Many communities are facing up to the urgent issue of ageing infrastructure that is ill-equipped to deal with a harsher climate. They are confronting the economic anxiety of major upgrades by rethinking the status quo and leaning into technology to deliver more water sustainability.

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