From water reclamation to new training centers, JEA goes to work on $10.2M overhauls

Nov 17, 2022

A few multimillion-dollar structural projects are about to get underway for JEA.

The utility service is going to spend about a combined $10.2 million at two different Jacksonville locations. Permits for the projects were approved this month by the city's Building Inspections Division.

The larger-scale project will be erecting a new warehouse along with stormwater system improvements, new process piping and other upgrades at JEA’s Buckman Water Reclamation Facility at 2221 Buckman St.

This project will cost about $6.5 million and the warehouse will cover 3,200 square feet. It also comes as JEA recently broke ground on its massive new Greenland Water Reclamation Facility near the eTown development on the Southside.

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