NACWA Seeks Recommitment from EPA on Biosolids Management

Jun 15, 2022

With the rising number of legislative and regulatory developments at the state and federal levels related to PFAS, all three biosolids management methods available to clean water utilities are facing unprecedented pressure. U.S. EPA has made assessing the risk associated with PFAS in biosolids a priority, but many states are not waiting for EPA to act. NACWA wrote Radhika Fox, Assistant Administrator for EPA’s Office of Water, on June 14, requesting that the Agency reaffirm in writing its commitment to maintaining an array of options to provide municipalities with the necessary flexibility to ensure the safe and effective management of biosolids across the country.

In the letter, NACWA stressed the need for the Agency to ensure that the biosolids program was sufficiently resourced with staff and funding to conduct the necessary risk assessment work on an ongoing basis to ensure that all three major biosolids management methods remain protective of human health and the environment. NACWA also requested that EPA initiate a dialogue with the water sector and other key stakeholders to ensure that clean water utilities have viable options for managing their biosolids well into the future.

NACWA’s letter followed up on a May 16 meeting with EPA’s biosolids office and NACWA is setting up meetings with Assistant Administrator Fox and Administrator Regan to discuss this and other top priority issues for our members. Contact Kristina Surfus, NACWA Managing Director, Government Affairs, to discuss. 

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