PFAS Biosolids Ban Poised To Become Reality In Maine

Apr 20, 2022

On April 15, 2022, the Maine state House and Senate both passed a bill (LD 1911) that would ban the use of biosolids that contain PFAS in land applications, unless it can be shown that the biosolids are PFAS free. While the PFAS biosolids ban addressed growing concerns in the state over land contamination due to PFAS through the use of biosolids as fertilizer, the legislation may have the unintended consequence of creating PFAS land and air pollution issues in Maine or in other states. The bill appears set to be signed into law by Maine’s governor, and companies responsible for managing the state’s waste (namely, waste management companies and incinerators) must pay close attention to the status of the bill and the unintended consequences that it may have.
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