What can $4.8 billion buy? How Michigan plans to spend big on infrastructure

Apr 5, 2022

Michigan is ready to spend $4.8 billion on infrastructure – although very little of it is going toward fixing roads.


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed the two bipartisan bills on Wednesday, March 30, in a plan to spend the money dubbed the “Building Michigan Together Plan.”


What’s the money for? Which communities are the biggest winners? Who is footing the bill?


Here are four ways to visualize the $4.8 billion plan:


Water projects takes priority over roads


While “infrastructure” might make residents think roads and bridges, only about 13% of this new funding is allocated for transportation. And only a fraction of that about $645 million is for roads and bridges, while the rest is for items like public transportation and airports.


Water-related projects are the biggest chunk of the Building Michigan Together Plan, accounting for nearly half of the funds.

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